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        SHCM held activity to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Comrade Liu Yuzhu’s birth

        Release time:2015-03-10 14:53:48


        A symposium and the release ceremony of the book QING TIAN YUZHU was held in Beijing Space City today to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Comrade Liu Yuzhu’s birth. He is the pioneer of the December 9th Movement, the outstanding contributor of China’s atomic and hydrogen bombs and man-made satellite, and the former vice minister of Ministry of Industry. 

        The symposium participants highly valued the remarkable merits and achievements of Liu Yuzhu. His life is a life deeply loyal to the people and the CPC, no matter at the war times, the peaceful development period, or the time when he was unfairly treated. He devoted his life in working and made remarkable contribution to the revolutionary base construction, the CPC leadership to the cities after war, and the development of Chinese nuke industry.

        Liu Yanning, the executive director of SASAC China National Trade Promotion Association recalled: Uncle Liu, Liu Zijiu, and my father were known as Three-Liu of North Huaihe River during the Anti-Japanese War. I was lucky to see Uncle Liu many times. Uncle Liu is very kind to the others, and he devoted his life to remain us the rich spirit heritage. The general manager of SHCM Liu Shenglin said: As a junior of Liu Family, here we are together to commemorate Grandpa Liu, I feel extremely excited. I admire his noble qualities, and I will never forget his encouragement, help, and expectation to me. I will make efforts to develop the enterprise and pay back my hometown and the society, and this is the best commemoration for this forefather. The famous nuclear physics experts Gao Chao, Yu Weidong, and Liu Zulin gave the speech afterwards. 

        This activity was sponsored by the China High-tech Industrialization Association, and hosted by Hebei Shenghao Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hebei Hualin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The VIPs who attended the activity are as follows: the famous experts of Nuke Industry Department Sheng Dachang, Tuan Xingguo, and Feng Peilin, they are the old subordinates of Comrade Liu Yuzhu. The secretary-general of China High-tech Industrialization Association He Xiaoying and the Board of Supervisors Chairman of Hebei Province SASAC Wang Kunshan, the leaders from Comrade Liu Yuzhu’s hometown Huanghua City Xu Fanglin, Cheng Xiuzhen, Zheng Zengqiang, Wang Qingkun, Zuo Junhua, Liu Jilin, Liu Junlin and so on. 
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